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8:30pm Sundays
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Show Description

The Aaron Harber Show: Colorado Now! TM” ( is a nonpartisan public affairs series providing a forum to inform citizens while simultaneously bringing people together who often are in conflict. As an initiative to restore civility to the political process, it features the State’s top opinion leaders and experts engaged in substantive and potentially transformative discussions. It will examine some of the exciting activities, projects, and developments led by a wide range of Colorado people from many backgrounds, professions, and walks of life.

Addressing the State’s critical need for a forum where issues can be debated seriously and in a civil manner, “Colorado Now” is the place citizens can turn to for accurate information. A sample of the issues being considered for inclusion are (1) The Economy & Jobs, (2) Economic Development Initiatives, (3) the Budgetary Crisis, (4) Health Care & Health Coverage, (5) Wellness, (6) K-12 Education, (7) Higher Education, (8) Vocational Education & Training, (9) Transportation, (10) Energy Resources & Development, (11) The Environment, (12) Recreation & Tourism, (13) Immigration, (14) Policies, (15) Constitutional Challenges, (16) Campaign Reform, (17) Political Campaigns, and (18) Governance.

In 2012 “Colorado Now” is combining the best elements from these successful public affairs initiatives: “Colorado Election 2010” (, the Truth in Political Advertising project (, and “The Senate In Balance” (, with a special focus on key policy issues and the 2012 Colorado General Election.

By educating citizens, “Colorado Now” will lead an effort defusing the impact of the Politics of Personal Destruction because well-informed voters will not be as susceptible to the strategies of vicious political manipulation commonly deployed today.

Guests on “Colorado Now” include the State’s top elected officials, business leaders, academic and scientific experts, special interest group representatives, Media representatives, other key players in the governance of the State as well as everyday Coloradans doing extraordinary things. The shows will engage multiple sides in rigorous debates as a mechanism to proactively involve citizens. Anticipated guests include…

  • Governor John Hickenlooper & Lt. Governor Joe Garcia
  • Denver Mayor Michael Hancock & Denver officials
  • U.S. Senator Mark Udall
  • U.S. Senator Michael Bennet
  • Congresswoman Diana DeGette
  • Congressman Jared Polis
  • Congressman Scott Tipton
  • Congressman Cory Gardner
  • Congressman Doug Lamborn
  • Congressman Mike Coffman
  • Congressman Ed Perlmutter
  • Colorado Speaker of the House Frank McNulty
  • House Majority Leader Amy Stephens
  • House Minority Leader Sal Pace
  • Assistant Minority Leader Nancy Todd
  • Colorado Senate President Brandon Shaffer
  • Senate Majority Leader John Morse
  • Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp
  • Assistant Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman
  • Attorney General John Suthers
  • Secretary of State Scott Gessler
  • Treasurer Walker Stapleton
  • 2012 Candidates for all Federal and major State offices
  • Statehouse Committee Chairs and Members
  • Officials & elected representatives of Colorado jurisdictions
  • Leaders of other Colorado government entities
  • Leaders of K-12 and Higher Education
  • Leaders of Business and related organizations
  • Leaders of various non-profit organizations
  • Other opinion-leaders in the State of Colorado

Colorado Now” differs from other public affairs shows because it offers viewers the opportunity to make
in-depth assessments
of major issues via comprehensive yet intelligible deliberation. By promoting civil discourse and providing a forum for the State’s most significant issues, “Colorado Nowprovides citizens a unique opportunity to become informed and educated at a level not previously offered anywhere in the State.

The audience of “Colorado Now” includes the State’s opinion-leaders and decision-makers -- elected and appointed officials, businesspersons, and politically-active citizens -- from the worlds of Media, Government, Politics, and Business. It is where everyone will want to have a presence.

Colorado Now” is broadcast in Prime Time on Sundays at 8:30 pm on K3 Colorado (KCDO-TV Channel 3). It follows “The Aaron Harber ShowTM.” The program is available to other broadcast outlets throughout the State (such as ION Media Networks). COMCAST makes all the programs available 24/7 via its free COMCAST Video on Demand service. In addition, all “Colorado Now” programs are available online 24/7 at in advance of their broadcast premiere.

USA Talk Network, Inc. is offering the shows to all of its print and electronic Publishers Advantage partners statewide at no charge (on the basis there is a very close correlation between newspaper readers and voters) to further increase the impact of the programs.

AaronThe show’s host, Aaron Harber (, is known for his nonpartisanship, fairness, and expertise. He was graduated from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs (Economics). Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government granted him a Masters degree in Public Administration where he focused on (1) Ethics in Government, Politics and Business, and (2) Campaign Finance regulation in all 50 states. Contact for more information.


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